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Sellers recognised the change in sentiment last year and responded with realistic pricing, reports Hurford Salvi Carr, while buyers competed for 'best-in-class' options.

Bruce brother's new venture names its first tranche of estate agency backers.

The Midtown, City and Docklands patch has witnessed some pretty interesting trends over the last year, reports local agent Hurford Salvi Carr, including pied-a-terres becoming flavour of the month... T

Hurford Salvi Carr had a busy festive season, what with opening a new branch on City Road and shifting this freehold monster by Silicon Roundabout.

City/Docklands/Midtown-based agency Hurford Salvi Carr has been totting up the price movements across its patch during 2014, and come up with an average increase of 4% on the sales side. T