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Eccord's MD summarises the key themes at play in PCL over last 12 months, and some trends to keep an eye on in the lead-up to the holidays.

Buyer confidence has been boosted by a number of factors over the last few weeks, and enquiries levels are back up to last year's levels, reports Eccord's MD.

Some purchasers are expecting to 'hold all the cards' and achieve reductions of up to 20% off last year’s prices - and cheeky offers are costing them valuable credibility.

The founder & MD of Eccord, which manages £1.5bn of resi property in PCL, explains why the challenges facing landlords right now can’t always be resolved with rent increases alone...

'We have seen several instances recently where overly-aggressive tactics and tone have been deployed by a seller’s estate agent or lawyer, which has nearly derailed a transaction close to exchange unnecessarily.'

Homeowners in prime neighbourhoods are acutely aware of fierce competition for the best properties, reports buying agent Jo Eccles.

High numbers of buyers are demanding significant discounts and 'failing to conduct themselves in a credible manner', reports Eccord.

London buying agents expect most of the action will be happening off-market in the coming weeks.

2023's purchasers are falling into two categories, says buying firm Eccord.

Buying agency flags surge in off-market selling and an increasingly fragmented industry as key challenges for affluent purchasers

'Buyers are feeling overwhelmed by news reports and headlines, which are often not fully reflective of the experience many of them are having on the ground,' says Jo Eccles of Eccord.