These maps show how tricky it is to measure inequality in local areas across England

In the UK, people often think about inequality in geographical terms: for example, places such as Kensington in London are considered ‘rich’, while Blackpool in Lancashire is considered ‘poor’. In reality there are rich and poor areas almost everywhere, but they are not distributed evenly across England, write Alasdair Rae and Elvis Nyanzu

The real problem with stamp duty

“The Anti-Stampers’ case is compelling, but the challenge is finding a replacement that people will not hate just as much”, writes Nathan Brooker in this piece for the FT

Carrington on Q4: Gauging the tipping point

Assuming a discount of about 20% against house prices at their peak, in 2014, the £2.5m house or flat becomes £2m which allows the purchaser to factor in stamp duty and provide insurance against uncertainty in the market, says LonRes Chairman William Carrington…