The Market

Sol Zakay's Topland Group has made its first foray into the private rented sector (PRS), buying a 24-unit block off-market in Putney for around £11m.

House prices will carry on upwards over the next two years, but it's anyone's guess as to whether the Bank of England can "restrain the market if it overheats", according to a poll of 22 top economists…

Winkworth has revealed what it sees in the property market's tea leaves for next year

£1.4 billion-worth of residential property has been sold in South Kensington alone this year, according to Winkworth, with international buyers flooding the market "even more so than in previous years".

Few locations illustrate this (and last) year's buzz-phrase better than Cambridge

Knight Frank is advising property owners concerned about the implications of yesterday's HS2 Environmental Statement not to panic

SP Setia is apparently planning to flog the penthouses at Battersea Power Station for up to £30m.

There has been recent speculation that non-residents might have to start paying UK capital gains tax (CGT) on their UK property..

The prime country house market has "come back to life" in 2013, according to Knight Frank, with a 0.8% uplift in Q3 marking the third consecutive quarter of price growth

The last three months have been the best yet for Knight Frank's super-prime team, with more new buyers looking for £10m+ homes than ever before, and the average price of the top-end's top end climbing …

Consumers' perceptions of the UK property market continue to get ever-more rosy - but are still generally morose - according to the latest sentiment survey from Lloyds Bank

"We do not expect the Bank of England to move quickly to raise interest rates, once the UK passes the 7% unemployment threshold," says the Council of Mortgage Lenders, as "housing activity is set to strengthen…