Rent or Buy: Does the British obsession with home ownership pay off?

Professors Colin Jones and Abdulkader Mostafa of Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Business School have explored the bottom-line implications of buying a home rather than renting. “The deep-seated home-owner aspirations of Britons are justified and have been sustained by significant financial gains,” they conclude; “it really does pay to buy”

Long in the tooth? Analysing the 2014-2019 bear market from a historical perspective

At the end of last year, fund manager-turned-buying agent Fraser Slater set out ten reasons why he expects Q1 2019 to mark the low point of the Prime Central London property market; here, he looks back at how the current downturn compares to others over the last 30 years, and assesses if there are grounds to believe that prices have indeed bottomed out…