Engaging social media content not only fosters a sense of transparency but also helps potential clients connect on a personal level with an estate agency, says Richard Combellack.

An artificial intelligence has had a stab at predicting future interior design trends, using past patterns to look a full century ahead...

ZPG's property division is to be known as Houseful from now on.

The Peninsula London is launching this month, with a gamut of smart home features courtesy of OKTO Technologies.

The conversion of a £6.9mn apartment in central London into a Non-Fungible Token is "a potentially seminal moment for the real asset market", says one top property lawyer.

Set up by a trio of Deliveroo execs, Jitty is aiming to 'completely reinvent the home buying experience'.

Joe Pepper has handed over the reins at TM Group.

"There is a technological revolution underway in the property industry, with data enabled opportunities to change further and faster," says the Geospatial Commission, as it outlines practical tech-led…

An MIT professor explains how advances in AI could have major implications for the real estate industry in this piece for the FT.

Gemma Coles take the reins at Kyero, 'the largest UK-based international property portal'.

TM Group has been acquired by Aurelius.

Consumers are making "clearly signalled requests" for energy efficiency, money saving and enhancement of daily life, and will pay a premium for a kitted-out home, according to new research.