It sounds as though Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is about to have his wishes granted by Kensington and Chelsea Council

There's about half a million listed homes in the UK, according to the Listed Property Owners Club, all under the cosh of some of the most intricate regulations on planning, alterations and maintenance…

As English Heritage prepares to celebrate the birth of heritage tourism with the 1913 Ancient Monuments Act, Britain's great estates are under siege from growth and progress, says William Cash from Upton…

With a bumper line-up of English Heritage, the British Property Federation, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Deloitte, the "Heritage Works" super-partnership has released comprehensive…

With the news that four out of the five apartments have now been sold, it's the final chance to buy into Oliver Burns' masterful Walpole Mayfair

Stanhope and the BBC have released their plans for the 14-acre BBC Television Centre site in White City, London

Effective crisis management can dig you out of the deepest bunker, says William Cash. You just need someone like Matthew Freud and his highbrow journal The Brewery in your corner

Reports of particularly slim pickings in the prime country house market have been filtering in of late

There's been some confusion over how the new EPC regulations, which came into force on Wednesday (more here), affect historic buildings (listed buildings are exempt)

SP Setia's development of Battersea Power Station just got real

The swine! says William Cash as one of Shropshire's crown jewels is once again under siege

John Penrose, the former architecture minister, has called for Britain's best views to be listed by English Heritage in the same way as historic buildings to avoid "casual destruction"