China is seen by many as the Great Wealth Reservoir, with vast untapped HNW markets just waiting to buy-up swathes of prime resi property in the UK

Although its already got most of the earth's surface covered, Fine & Country has plumped for opening a new office in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa

Another big research play by a top firm today, with CBRE Group Inc. announcing the appointment of Nick Axford, PhD, as Global Head of Research. This mighty job title is actually a new position; Dr

With unprecedented levels of overseas investment into the UK property market, the opportunities for good advisors are there, but the risks for the unwary are considerable

Anyone want a peek at the draft of the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings return form? Thought so.

Very few agents can go toe to toe with Beauchamp Estates on sheer net-worth-per-client

There are, as we all know, loads of foreign buyers snapping up property in Britain.

Fears of a Labour win in 2015's General Election, and the subsequent likelihood of a mansion tax being installed, are already putting off some super-rich foreign buyers, according to W.A.Ellis

In only ten years, the Economist has revised its definition of Africa from “the hopeless continent” to the “hopeful continent”. Knight

Overseas wealth continues to play a considerable role in shaping the city, says Yolande Barnes in the final part of Savills' World in London report.

In the third part of Savill's World in London report, Paul Tostevin runs through who's buying up London and where they're from; domestic buyers still account for the lion's share of the resi market, but…

St Tropez is not all glamour, especially if you're a buying agent... Alan Page reports from Notting Hill-on-Sea on what to love and the four types of Riviera buyer.