Beverly Hills Blockbuster: 100,000 square foot palace gets a $500m price tag

'It’s very similar to a palace. The house is about public functions rather than domestic living'

A 100,000 square foot project currently underway in LA has been tipped to smash world asking price records to smithereens when it hits the market next year.

The extraordinary creation, dreamt up by US-based architecture practice McClean Design, is apparently being masterminded by big-time Hollywood film producer-turned-developer Nile Niami, best known for his 1998 work “The Patriot” starring Steven Seagal.

It’ll be one of the largest homes ever constructed in the States and there’s talk of a guide price in the $500m/£325m region, which would comfortably trump anything seen to date on the Cote D’Azur, Monaco or London.

Bear in mind a sale at that level would more than double the highest price ever paid for a residence ($221m/£144m for a penthouse at One Hyde Park in 2011), so there’s been a few raised eyebrows to say the least.

Batting off the naysayers, Niami declared to Bloomberg that the house will have “almost every amenity available in the world”, including a 5,000-square-foot master bedroom, 30-car garage, “Monaco-style casino”, 45-seat IMAX-style home cinema, 8,500 square foot private nightclub and a “jellyfish room”, with fish tanks for walls.

The works are expected to take the best part of two years and create a vast three-unit compound (a main house of 74,000 square feet and two of 10,000+), with 360-degree views taking in Beverley Hills, downtown LA, the San Fernando Valley and the Pacific Ocean.

The prize four-acre plot will involve four swimming pools (including a 180 foot long infinity one), and 20,000 square feet of artificial lawn, which sounds like a good choice given the scale of the area’s drought in recent months.

Paul McClean told the news source: “It’s very similar to a palace. The house is about public functions rather than domestic living.”

Here’s some renderings…

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