Best Guesses: A selection of five-year property price forecasts

What's in store for house price inflation in PCL and across the country?

We always say that forecasts are a tricky business etc, but this time we really mean it. Pollsters, pundits and experts (whether self-styled or with genuine merit) around the world have made a few high profile wonky calls in the last 12 months, which has contributed to a wide-ranging loss of faith in crystal balls, tea leaves, mystic octopi and, less amusingly, data and experience.

Nevertheless, the last few months of 2016 saw a drip feed of property market predictions from some of the most respected research units and industry insiders cross the PrimeResi desks. As you’d expect from such tumultuous times, there’s a fairly broad spread of bulls and bears anticipating anything from a 21% increase to a 12% drop in Prime Central London property prices over the next five years.

Many of our most experienced pundits have (probably wisely) opted for a more qualitative approach this year, and, since many of the quantitative forecasters use different metrics, areas and time-frames to put numbers on the future, most are not directly comparable. But some – with a pinch or two of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt – are; here’s a selection:

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