Beauchamp Estates targets Eastern Asia’s HNWIs; luxury agency on global marketing push

Mayfair property agency rolls out Chinese-language website after noting surge in traffic

Top luxury agency Beauchamp Estates has launched a Chinese-language website as part of its new global marketing strategy.

Gary Hersham and Penelope Court’s Curzon Street-based firm has partnered up with regional luxury real estate marketing agency Caimeiju to deliver the site, after seeing web traffic from Eastern Asia more than double over the last 18 months.

Powered by the Caimeiju platform, the new digital shop window will carry details of Beauchamp’s high-end instructions, pro-translated by Chinese writers to ensure accuracy.

The listings will use the highest-ranking Chinese language words to make sure they crop up on all the main local search engines like Baidu, Sogou, Google China, Bing.CN and Yahoo Taiwan, and properties will also be promoted via Caimeiju’s Chinese social media, real estate and video channels, hosted on SouFun, YouKu and Weibo.

Gary Hersham, Managing Director and Partner at Beauchamp Estates: “Eastern Asia is an increasingly important market for Beauchamp Estates and we wished to identify the most effective partner and route for better local engagement: for us at this time that is Caimeiju. Accurate translation, effective use of the highest ranking key words in the local market and understanding page indexing for local search engines are all key. We look forward to a successful partnership and further raising awareness of the Beauchamp Estates brand.”

Jeff Toth, Founder of Caimeiju: “As a company we are very selective about the real estate companies we work with and are extremely honoured to partner with Beauchamp Estates to showcase beautiful homes in London, Italy, Cannes and Mykonos. We feature some of the most expensive residences in the world, with more than 10% of them being priced above (US)$10 million and many exceeding (US)$20 million, each with translated descriptions that have been carefully crafted by professional linguists.”

The “noticeable” increase in direct enquiries to the firm’s Chinese Desk is being attributed to the improved Yuan/Sterling exchange rates. 

Most visits in 2014 came from Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, holding first, second, third, forth and fifth places respectively. In 2015 it was China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, while in 2016 to date it has been Hong Kong, Japan, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Mongolia has been just outside the top five in each of these years, with Macau making its first appearance in 2016.

Looking at the worldwide stats, the firm concludes there’s been “no negative Brexit effect on traffic volumes across sales or lettings”. Website traffic increased, across the board, from all locations and for all offices by 107.3% in 2015-16 (year to date).

According to the analysis, the average Beauchamp Estates website user was likely to be:

  • Male
  • Aged under 40
  • Searching for property to buy
  • Accessing the website on a desktop computer: either MAC or PC, with Safari or Chrome browser
  • A user of Apple mobile products: iPad and iPhone

The top five global locations of site visitors are Northern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe, and Southern Europe. Just outside the top five are Western Asia, Southern Asia, Australasia, South East Asia and Eastern Asia.

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