Estate Manager

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to the Estate Manager role at an exciting and distinctive 46-acre woodland development in Kent.

Your duties are unique. The development is multi-use, so it combines various buildings tailor-made for learning, working, living, and recreation. This means that you would be responsible for a range of tasks. These range from managing bookings and customer relations for overnight accommodation, to landscaping and security. Other aspects of the job include coordinating health and safety checks, responding to site enquiries, managing the car park and woodland area, and keeping a record for the site’s bills and expenses.

Ensuring the smooth running of such a beautiful and unique site is a privilege. Distinctive and sustainable architecture paired with idyllic greenery paints a lustrous picture, a far cry from a typical site manager job. This is an escape, the chance to live almost off-grid, on a level with nature and fulfilling yourself by taking pride in the daily orchestration of a unique woodland development.

As for some more information about the development itself: as well as two houses for onsite staff and three similar residential properties to be listed on the open market, there is one vast building designed to suit the delivery of teaching courses by schools, colleges, and other institutions, with overnight accommodation for when these courses become residential camps. This accommodation can also double up as a place to stay for tourists when not otherwise in use. Further to this, there are eight workshops with B1 use planning permission for businesses to operate and manufacture within (with a preference for arts, crafts, and design).

Naturally, such a coveted and perk-filled role has some criteria; namely, experience in site management and liaising with tenants, visitors, and contractors; as well as strong maintenance and organisation skills, willingness to work flexible hours and of course you must live on-site.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave behind a standard property, building or estate management job and enjoy a new lease of life, while utilising all of your existing maintenance and property management skills. The salary for this role includes accommodation in a brand new 3 bedroom property on-site, with all utilities paid for.

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