Property Director

Experience and professional profile 

  • 10yrs+ post-qualification experience
  • consistent fee earning @ £300k+ pa
  • record of growing business
  • experience of managing small team
  • highly developed London private-residential property-professional network ie. Prime central London estate agents and buying agents
  • highly developed private-wealth professional-adviser network ie. Private banks, family offices, private-client lawyers…
  • experience of property projects – new build or refurb – in personal or professional life
  • Technical knowledge of building/restoration projects

Qualifications – not essential 

  • Russell Group university degree
  • Business training
  • Remuneration
  • Strong remuneration package 


  • Hunter-farmer = generate X new leads in Y1 + convert to XX new clients
  • manage delivery of RB services to new clients in collaboration with SM + TA
  • provide clients with luxury experience and confidence-building attention to needs??
  • lead presentations + professional-network events
  • represent RB at professional events + networking events 
  • help grow medium/long term RB share value


  • Generate new revenue streams + RB opportunities (eg lunches for paying contractors)
  • manage and grow the business development team 
  • generate revenue from expanding into new services and sectors. 
  • attend monthly and quarterly planning/review meetings at Hungerford office
  • report to CEO
  • maintain meeting records + contact records + use Daylite contact-recording system + develop Daylite value
  • keep appropriate team members fully informed on daily basis of key information relating to meetings, leads, revenue, ongoing client-project progress
  • maintain highest levels of professional integrity and confidentiality
  • maintain highest levels of collegiate support and respect
  • work at the pace required by a fast-moving, detail-oriented business serving (U)HNW client basis
  • develop RB supplier base in collaboration with SM/ER/TA
  • work collaboratively with new hunter-farmer recruits in London or country

Office and working hours

  • Monday – Thursday 9am – 6pm. Friday 9am-4pm. + extra hours as demands of projects, marketing events or clients require
  • Plus occasional weekend days if required by clients or reasonably requested by SM/TA
  • London office — Henry Wood House, 2 Riding House Street, London, W1W 7FA

Description of business

Founded in 2011 by Sandy Mitchell, the RedBook Agency operates in London and across the country.

Its a premium brand enjoying a very high level of professional and critical respect, as evidenced by its PR profile in editorial features from the FT, House & Garden etc, professional peer-group research…

A veteran of the residential property world has remarked that RB is in the ‘happiness business’ because it engages with clients at a point in their lives when they are about to embark on an exciting adventure in building or refurbishing a home, and all seems possible.

RB aims to deliver a client experience that leads naturally to highly appreciative testimonials such as recent ones, including one from the global head of markets at one of the biggest investment banks: ‘Thank you for your usual professionalism and thoughtfulness.’ Or, more surprisingly, from another top business figure, ‘RedBook saved my marriage.’

The main value add…

Business goal to increase revenue/grow profit…to £1 million…, and grow its team to exploit the opportunities available.

Its set. It is often said that the amount of help RB provides to clients, and the amount of work and attention it gives to each, is what sets it apart.

RB is run by a small tight-knit team that has been working together for some years. The two senior team members, SM and ER, have worked at RB since before its launch. The firm has huge potential for growth both in its existing market, and in new markets (see below).

There are two offices: the ‘private office’ in Belgravia which is mainly used for client meetings and occasionally for meeting fellow professionals; and the main administrative office in Hungerford, Berkshire. It is envisaged that new office space may be required in central London.

RB is an Apple-based paper-free office based around Microsoft Office software and a customised, user-friendly CRM system called Daylite.


The successful candidate will be:

  • have a strong industry network
  • a proven track record of new business 
  • extremely personable
  • articulate
  • able to express themselves clearly and persuasively in written proposals and emails,
  • confident in giving presentations to small and large groups (up to 100)
  • convincing in sharing knowledge of projects and professional teams…
  • self confident
  • broadly cultured and engaged with life outside work